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Discover Pylos, Voidokilia and Costa Navarino Area

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Pylos-Voidokilia, Costa Navarino Area
The Costa Navarino
incredible Beaches
The Pylos - Voidokilia beaches (Costa Navarino area) are incredible, with fine sand and many spots for shade.
Discover the beaches of Mati-Bouka, Petrochori, Romanos, Glifadaki, Agios Nikolaos, Kolopana, Glossa and Golden - Gialova.
In this section you can also download a map that will help you to easily visit this area.
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Voidokilia Beach
and Paliokastro Hill
Voidokilia Beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, but maybe also in the Mediterranean Sea. The sheltered bay is referred to in Homer's Odyssey.
The old castle of Paliokastro was built by the Franks around 1278. Below the castle, in the cliff just above Voidokilia, you find a cave referred to as Nestor’s cave.
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Sphacteria Island and
Navarino Bay
Facing with Pylos city and closing Navarino Bay, the island of Sphacteria is a huge natural barrier against the strong winds in the Ionian Sea.
In October 20, 1827 the naval battle of Navarino took place, where fleets English, Russian and French inflicted on the fleet turco-egyptian a defeat which would be decisive for the independence of Greece.
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The city of Pylos - Navarino
Home of King Nestor
The modern city of Pylos is definitely one of the most attractive coast in Greece. Someone arriving at Pylos, has the impression that he is somewhere on an island.
The area of
Pylos is God's blessed. The surroundings are not only of great historical and archaeological interest, but also a little piece of paradise that offers nature.
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